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Embarking on the Mariposa Trail Chapter Six PDF Print E-mail

Stories from Tulum, Mexico

This is a continuation of the book by Mari Pintkowski, to read the previous chapters please refer to the links at the bottom of of this chapter.

Stories from Tulum: Time to Pay the Piper.

We did not hear from Javier (the architect) until February. His wife's email let us know they finally had news for us. She said we had been given a lucky break, as the case was handled in the municipal offices rather than turning it over to the federal environmental agency, Semarnat. Their ruling was to have the retaining wall torn down immediately. This would cost $600 US that included "tips" paid to the inspectors. If this was not enough, another matter was uncovered with our violation. We had damaged the sand dune!

Trouble in Paradise Stories from Tulum PDF Print E-mail

The beaches of Tulum, Mexico

By: Mari Pintkowski

A dream of building a B & B South of the border.

We had planned to fly together to Merida, where I was to attend an early-childhood conference. A professional colleague and her husband were planning to meet us in Merida. I realized Lou’s sleepless nights meant something was troubling him and gently approached the subject.

Stories from Macario Gomez Near Tulum PDF Print E-mail

The Beaches of Tulum, Mexico

By: Mari Pintkowski

Sink or Swim.
Thanksgiving was traditionally the holiday celebration that we hosted for all our old time friends in Vail, Colorado. There was much shopping, cleaning, decorating and food preparation for the big day.As the turkey was slowly thawing, the jaguars came out to prowl. Our Mexican dream was resurfacing quicker than we had hoped, and the timing was not fantastic. Victor called and said we needed to get down there quickly, as the owner had someone else seriously interested in the property.

Stories from Macario Gomez Outside of Tulum PDF Print E-mail

La Selva Mariposa near Tulum, Mexico


By: Mari Pintkowski

Jaguars in the Jungle.

We were like jaguars in the jungle, in pursuit of our next meal. We just had to have this piece of Tulum beach-front property we discovered on a casual walk along the beach. We stayed on for another day, hoping to find and talk with “Victor next door.” Every time we approached his little resort, he was not there. His unassuming wife, who spoke no English, told us to come back mañana. We felt satisfied that we were at least able to get his phone number to add to those that were listed on the faded sign on the property.



Day Tripping in Tulum Mexico PDF Print E-mail

Day Tripping in Tulum, Mexico

By Sara "The Editor" Moen

Tulum, a great reprieve from the daily grind.

Most of us would agree that living in Playa del Carmen is pretty cool. Amazing beaches, the Caribbean Sea right out your back door, people from all parts of the globe, and in general, a laid back lifestyle. However, even in paradise we have to work, go grocery shopping, go to the bank, pay bills, do laundry; life stuff is inevitable no matter where you live. So once you get into a daily routine, occasionally you lose perspective on where you are, and then one day you realize that it has been days, and maybe even weeks, since you have seen the beautiful beaches. This is why we have always tried to take Sundays for day trips and local exploration. We go to new cenotes, remote beaches; to reinforce why we are here struggling for a better life.

Extreme Control Kiteboarding School Takes Flight in Tulum PDF Print E-mail

Flying in Tulum

Kiteboarding school in Tulum; sky is the limit.


When Heather Froeming and Marco Cristofanelli first came to The Riviera Maya neither one of them would have expected they would eventually be the owners, and operators, of a kiteboarding school in Tulum....

Tulum Open Public Library PDF Print E-mail

Yes, it is true, a public library has opened in Tulum, much to the delight of book lovers in our community!

A brand new building was built with a public library specifically in mind, and they opened their doors on January 3rd, 2005. They have an incredible 5,000 books to choose from, but are in need of more! There are two floors that are split between English and Spanish, and they will be installing 6 internet ready computers for public use as well. So if you are a book enthusiast, and have books you would like to donate, or would like to donate your time to a reading hour for children, the Tulum library is in need of support from the community.

Kite Boarding in Tulum, What a Blast PDF Print E-mail


The wind was cooperative, the boarders were flying high, and the spectators were enthusiastic!
The regional kite boarding competition in Tulum was a good pick for weekend fun. International competitors came together, at Playa Paraiso in Tulum this past weekend, for a fun filled, sun soaked weekend.

Luckily the Playa Maya News team was there to document all of the action…so click below for photos and an exclusive video …..

Regional Kite Boarding Competition in Tulum this weekend PDF Print E-mail


Come and join the fun in Tulum this weekend!

Adrenaline Seekers, Come One! Come All!

If you are up for some adrenaline, getting wet, and flying high then come on down to Playa Paraiso in Tulum and you can join the extreme team, and the playa babes for some serious fun! Saturday, December 4th and Sunday December 5th ALL DAY at Playa Paraiso in Tulum! International competitors will be participating in this regional competition......

Adventures in Tulum PDF Print E-mail

beach girls and guysBy: Cynthia Simmons

A Day of Adventure in Tulum

Ruins, cenotes, friendly people and more…..

We arrived in Tulum late afternoon after driving down road 307 searching for our destination with only a name and a small idea of the location. As we drove through the town of Tulum I watched the mixture of people walking along the sidewalks browsing the shops and seated at tables in restaurants. We passed by the bus station with buses parked along the wide street awaiting their passengers, also finding plenty of taxis here.

We arrived at the hotel El Crucero located at the entrance of the Ruins of Tulum where the friendly front desk clerk greeted us as we entered; he showed us to our room and offered to help with our bags..............