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Millions of people a year flock to Playa del Carmen, and the Riviera Maya, to escape cold weather, get a reprieve from work pressures, and take time off for serious rest and relaxation. The major attractions to the area are the white sandy beaches, the amazing crystalline waters, the laid back Caribbean attitude, and the warm tropical weather.

The climate in the Riviera Maya is semi-tropical, with an average yearly temperature of 80° degrees Fahrenheit (26 ° Celsius), which can rise to 100° degrees Fahrenheit (37.7° Celsius) in the hot summer months. June 1st is the official start to the hurricane season and ends on November 30th. From November to April, which is considered high season here;it is hot and sunny during the day and cool and breezy at night.

  • February to May
    February, March, April, and May are beautiful in The Riviera Maya. The Caribbean Sea is calm and clear and as summer approaches the water temperatures gradually rise. With warmer waters by May this is usually the time that the jelly fish, or "agua mala" come to our shores. So May is a perfect time of year to go cenote hunting! Nights can still be cool, but a sweater is rarely needed.
  • June to August
    During the summer months Playa del Carmen and The Rivera Maya are hot, hot, hot! The humidity rises so afternoons are steamy and hot. We highly recommend you stay close to a water source. The Caribbean is so warm you can float the day away, and the cenotes stay at an even 78 degrees (25.5C) which is always refreshing. There is some rainfall in the afternoon and evenings, but it never lasts very long. The nights do not get much cooler so for a truly good night sleep air-conditioning and a good fan are highly recommended.
  • September and October
    September and October are considered the height of the hurricane and tropical storm season. We also can get a fair amount of rain during these months, however it doesn't rain everyday. It is still hot and humid with days and evenings registering similar temperatures.
  • November to January
    These are the coolest months in Playa del Carmen and the surrounding areas, which means it is warm and sunny during the day and cool and breezy in the evenings. Rain is very rare during this time of year, but evenings can bring temps in the high 60's (15.5C) so a sweater is recommended.

Bikini Girl in Tulum Mexico

Warm weather wear: Playa del Carmen and The Rivera Maya's weather does not fluctuate that significantly though out the year. It is the tropics so lightweight cotton clothing, beach wraps (pareos), and bathing suits are what you spend the majority of your time in. During the day, the climate is hot and light clothing, such as shorts and tank tops, are recommended. During the evenings you may need a light sweater or jacket depending on the time of year. For trips into the jungle, you should wear pants, long-sleeved shirts and shoes in order to fend off mosquitoes and other insect bites. Sturdy shoes should always be worn if you plan on going to see any archeological sights to keep you sure footed and able to explore.


Since our local beach restoration project in 2010, the beaches in Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya have gotten even better. Read below for information on some of our most famous beaches and beach clubs.

Beaches and Beach Clubs in Playa del Carmen and The Rivera Maya

Mamitas Playa del Carmen Mamitas Beach: Located in Playa del Carmen, Mamitas Beach and Beach Club has been around for many years, and it is a favorite beach spot for both locals and visitors. It has beach beds, beach volleyball, excellent beach access, great tunes, and a restaurant and bar on site. It is also the annual host for the fashion show produced by Fashion TV. The best way to get to Mamitas is by the access road on First Avenue South between 28th and 30th Streets.

tukan.jpg Kool Beach by Playa Tukan: Formerly Tukan Beach and Beach Club, it is now known as Kool Beach and it is located directly next to Mamita’s Beach Club. Kool and Mamitas kind of meld together to create the ultimate beach experience. Beautiful beaches, beautiful people, yummy food, water sports, and premiere lounging spots, you will not be disappointed.

Canibal Royal at Coco Beach
Canibal Royal at Coco Beach: Coco Beach used to be considered “far away” from the centrally located beach clubs of  Kool and Mamita’s. But since the owners of Santanera and Diablitos Cha Cha Cha opened the hipster beach club, Canibal Royal in 2010, it has become a major day time hot spot. They are located in a prime beach location and offer a funky retro themed beach club with great service, excellent food, and amazing DJ’s. Canibal Royal caters to the young and privileged.

Beach at Xpu Ha south of Playa del Carmen Xpu-ha Beach: Located just south of Puerto Aventuras you can access this amazing stretch of beach by a sign that reads "La Playa" on your left hand side, and if you miss it you can also access this stretch of beach at Playa Bonanza; just south of the La Playa sign.  This stretch of beach is a true slice of heaven with palm trees sprinkled along the shoreline, excellent snorkeling, and a few low-key beach clubs that you can grab a bite to eat or a cold beer. Although there are a few resorts that have access to this beach that have yet to take over completely and you can definitely while away an afternoon relaxing, and enjoying this quiet and tranquil Caribbean beach.

Playa Paraiso, Tulum Mexico Tulum Beach and Playa Paraiso: Just to the south of the Tulum ruins there is an incredible stretch of beach even less populated then Xpu Ha. There are small palapa style hotelitos and cabanas along this beach that you can stay in that are relatively inexpensive. At the same time there are also trendy and chic boutique beach resorts that will pamper you silly. Tulum is a very popular spot for kite boarding so you are likely to see the skyline peppered with colorful kites on a windy day. Overall this is one of our favorite beach spots that is in our area.

Playa del Carmen Topless beach Topless beaches in Playa del Carmen and The Rivera Maya: Although it is actually illegal to sunbathe nude or topless on Mexico beaches, in Playa del Carmen and the Rivera Maya, it is tolerated. Due to the major European influences in the area most beaches you will see topless sun worshipers trying to get as much sun as possible on their bare bodies. There are also clothing optional resorts and spas that cater to couples who want to vacation in the buff. Some remote area beaches you can strip down and bare it all. Keep in mind that Mexican Nationals are a conservative bunch so respect the locals, and if you are in a remote area keep a beach wrap close by. In addition women should always practice caution and safety if sunbathing nude or topless in a tucked away location or low traffic area.

February, March, April, and May are beautiful in The Riviera Maya. The Caribbean Sea is calm and clear and as summer approaches the water temperatures gradually rise. With warmer waters by May this is usually the time that the jelly fish, or